Research Projects

Multiscale Modeling of Industrial Processing of Crystallizable Polymers




Electrospun Fibers


Heterogeneous Nucleation





Shock Wave Deformation in Polymeric Systems

Past Projects

Modeling of Crystallization




Modeling of Semicrystalline Polymer
and Related Heterogeneous Materials




Properties of Carbon Nanofibers



Electrospinning Process Technology



Electrospun Fiber Scaffolds for Medical Use
(J.L. Lowery, N Datta)




Modeling of Surface Properties
(M.A. Amat)




Multiscale Modeling
(E.C. Allen, K. Titievsky)



Modeling of Nanofibers and Nonwoven Materials
(S. Buell)




Processing and Properties of Electrospin Fibers
(P. Battacharjee, C.L. Pai, Y. Zhang)



Nanofiber Membranes
(L. Chen, J.A. Lee, Y. Yang)



Molecular Simulations of Nanostructured Materials
(F.M. Capaldi, M. Hütter, A. Kalra, V.K. Kuppa,
M.C. Boyce, D.M. Parks)



Molecular Simulation of Crystallization
(M. Hütter, M.J. Ko, N. Waheed, P. Yi,
R.C. Armstrong)



Multiscale Modeling of Materials
(E.C. Allen, M. Bathe, F. Bernardin, S. Curgul, A.E. Ismail,
K. Beers, A.J. Grodzinsky, G. Stephanopoulos, B. Tidor)



Electrospinning and Polymer Nanofibers
I. Process Fundamentals
(J.H. Yu, S.V. Fridrikh)



Electrospinning and Polymer Nanofibers
II. Properties and Applications
(L. Chen, J.L. Lowery, M. Ma, M. Wang,
K.K. Gleason, R.M. Hill, D. Kaplan, S. Shortkroff)