Paloma Gonzalez-Rojas

Paloma RojasPost-Doctoral Fellow




Research Interest:

Paloma is a computational researcher on applied machine learning. In this position, Paloma is currently working on streamlining molecular dynamics simulations at a coarse-grained scale to accelerate the adoption of renewable biopolymers. During her Ph.D. at the MIT Design and Computation Group, she worked on simulating pedestrian motion with enforced physics to a model built-environment exploration and worked heavily with human trajectory data. By capitalizing on the similarities between human motion in space and polymer kinetics, Paloma is incorporating physics, three-dimensional representations, and chemical information into machine learning simulations of biopolymer chains.


Paloma Gonzalez-Rojas is originally from Santiago de Chile. She received her Ph.D. from MIT in 2021, guided by Professors: Takehiko Nagakura, Svafa Gronfeldt, Regina Barzilay, and Hannes Hogni. Her undergraduate studies at the Pontifical Catholic University focused on digital technologies for the architectural design process, guided by professor Rodrigo Perez de Arce. She is currently a Postdoctoral Impact fellow at the MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium (MCSC) and at the Rutledge Research Group.