Marat Andreev

Post-Doctoral Associate




Research interests:

Marat is a computational rheologist. His scientific interests in the dynamics of polymers. Particularly, he worked on sliplink model of entangled homopolymers starting from his Ph. D. Currently his project is applying this model to industrial-grade materials for optimization of actual manufacturing processes. More broadly, Marat is interested in developing a quantitative description for industrial polymer and biopolymer systems, which are complicated by the presence of entanglements, chemical and physical crosslinks and chain-chain attractive interactions. On the technical side, Marat has a lot of experience with large scale GPU calculations.
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Marat Andreev is originally from Siberia, Russia. His undergrad degree is from Novosibirsk State University. After moving to the USA, he received his Ph.D. degree from Illinois Institute of Technology working with Jay Schieber on polymer dynamics. His first postdoc appointment was at the University of Chicago in Juan de Pablo group. There he also collaborated with researchers from NIST in Gaithersburg. Marat’s second postdoc appointment is at MIT with Greg Rutledge.