Ewa Sroczyk

Visiting Graduate Student
Email: sroczyk@mit.edu




Research Interest:

Electrospinning is a tailorable method that allows obtaining highly porous membranes, which can be used as skin patches. The membrane pores considered as a reservoir may be filled up with healing substances such as drugs or oils. Aiming at atopic skin and eczema treatment, natural oils are used for long-term skin hydration and delivery of lacking substances to the diseased skin. Ewa’s research addresses the optimization of these patches, focusing on numerical simulations. Such simulations allow for adjusting dermatologic therapy to the patients’ needs.


Ewa comes from Poland. She graduated as Biomedical Engineer but is doing her Ph.D. studies in Material Science at AGH University of Science and Technology. She’s a visiting student at Chemical Engineering in the Rutledge group, performing a part of her Ph.D.