Dr. Ewa Sroczyk

Post-Doctoral Associate
Email: sroczyk@mit.edu




Research Interest:

Ewa is working on liquid-infused membranes (LIMs) for oil-in-water emulsion separation. LIMs are used in the field of wastewater treatment for oil removal. Their main advantages are the anti-fouling property and the ability to separate fine droplets from the emulsion, even much smaller than the membrane pores. Ewa’s focus is on the modeling of the phenomena happening during emulsion separation in LIMs. These simulations aim to understand and further optimize LIMs performance.


Ewa is originally from Poland. She graduated from AGH University of Krakow in 2023, having worked on electrospun patches for biomedical applications. Her first postdoc appointment is at MIT at Prof. Gregory Rutledge Group.