Chen Song (Emily)

Graduate Student




Research interests:

Compared to the conventional emulsified oil removal processes, membrane technology has a lot of advantages over them due to its good rejection, compact design and low energy cost. Among all types of membranes, electrospun membranes have attracted more attention these days because of its higher flux and better fouling resistance from their high porosities and interconnected pore structures. However, membrane technology in general is still not widely applied in the field because of fouling and membrane fragility. My research is addressing these two issues by fabricating electrospun membranes with improved robustness and fouling resistance so that this cleaner technology can be further applied in the industry.
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A little more introduction of myself. I was born in China and spent the first 18 years of my life in my home country before moving to the US for college. I received my Bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Economics from Rice University in 2017 and then moved to Cambridge for my PhD study. Besides electrospinning and being able to carry 6L of water for my filtration experiments effortlessly, my other expertise includes baking, cooking, running and finding the best restaurants (any cuisine) in town. If there were a PhD degree on restaurant finding, I would earn that degree in less than 2 years.