Natalie Mamrol

Natalie MamrolGraduate Student




Research Interest:

The textile industry is responsible for emitting 3.3 metric billion tons of CO2 each year, which accounts for 5 to 10% of worldwide annual greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Currently, I am working to reduce emissions in this industry by finding sustainable biomass-derived replacements for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) textile fibers using a high throughput screening method. Biomass-derived polymers that fit my criteria are fully renewable, have relatively fast and complete biodegradability, and have competitive strength and stiffness to current synthetic fibers. Since cutting down on GHG is a time-sensitive problem with a current goal of reaching a net-zero economy within thirty years, using a high-throughput development approach can cut down significantly on development time by efficiently exploring novel compositions and conditions and integrating experiments with advanced computational learning.


I am from Philadelphia, PA, and completed my undergraduate degree with honors in Material Science and Engineering at Penn State University (WE ARE!) in 2020. Apart from my research, I spend time skiing, boating, reading novels, and traveling.