David Nicholson

Post-Doctoral Associate
Email: danich@mit.edu




Research interests:

Manufacturing of thermoplastic polymers involves the application of intense flow fields, which affect the structure and properties of the resulting material. David is interested in modelling how the crystallization of polymers is altered by flow. His current studies are centered around how insights from atomistic simulations can be integrated into models that are suitable for modelling industrial grade resins under realistic processing conditions.
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David received bachelor’s degrees in chemical engineering and physics from the University of Virginia in 2011, and subsequently came to MIT for graduate study. Through the practice school, he received a masters in chemical engineering practice in 2014. Studying under Prof. Greg Rutledge, David completed his doctoral degree in chemical engineering in 2020 with a thesis entitled “Molecular simulation of nucleation from flowing polymer melts”.  After his defense, he joined the group as a post-doctoral associate. On most evenings, David can be found walking the streets of Boston in a futile attempt to manage the illimitable energy of his beloved dog Jenny.